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At you get the answers to all the questions related to your health by the most qualified and specialized doctors of different specialties.

Getting Medical Advice was never so easy.

You can now receive expert medical advice from the comfort of your home just with the click of a mouse.

We all know, that the best things in life come for free.

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Ask a Doctor is a free service where you get expert Medical Advice without having to pay any consultation fees.

All you are charged is a small processing fee, to manage this massive service of getting hundreds of answers delivered from the best of doctors.

To get all the questioned answered on time, is a responsible job, which we are able to run with the least possible processing charges.

Ask a Doctor is the online source to get answers to all your medical questions and problems related to your health.

Ask a Doctor service is provided by a group of highly qualified doctors and medical specialists who have come together, to provide affordable medical advice to people online.

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15 reasons why you should use the Ask a Doctor

1. All questions answered by Highly Qualified Doctors
The answers to questions posed at Ask a Doctor are provided by extremely knowledgeable and well experienced doctors only. This comes as a relief from all the misinformation present on the internet regarding health by the self proclaimed so called ‘health experts’.

2. Ask a Doctor from the Ease and comfort of your home
At Ask a Doctor you can seek expert medical advice from highly qualified doctors from the ease and comfort
of your home, without having to travel long distances to the doctor’s office and wait for hours before consulting a doctor.

3. Ask a Doctor is the Economical Choice
Traveling to a hospital and paying hefty fees for medical advice or to clarify small doubts about your health is not only stressful and tiring, but also costs a lot of money. Here at you can get a more private and personal medical advice from some of the best doctors at very economical price. Ask a Doctor is also the only service online that offers expert medical opinion at such a small and affordable price.

4. Private and personal Medical Advice
Feel free to Ask a Doctor for any personal advice about your health, which you may have felt embarrassed to ask a doctor face to face. You need not be ashamed of asking any question that may relate to your health. Ask a Doctor offers professional and confidential advice regarding your health with complete secrecy of your identity. You may also remain anonymous while posing your question.

5. Get a Second Opinion or Confirm you Diagnosis.
You can also get Second opinions from our medical specialists regarding your diagnosis and treatment. By this way you can be sure that your disease has been identified properly and your treatment is also appropriate.

6. Better understanding of a disease.
Ask all you need to know about any disease possible from our doctors. You can know more about a disease like its causes, complications and possible treatments and outcome.

7. Preparing for appointment beforehand.
Sometimes getting an appointment from a good medical specialist can take weeks. It is always wise to know before hand what to discuss with your doctor. Know you won’t forget to mention anything significant to your doctor during an appointment, by preparing before hand what all is important regarding your case.

8. Understand reports of Lab tests and Investigations.
Now you can finally understand what those reports from your health checkup actually mean to your health. Our doctors will help you decipher the confusing numbers from the reports, to make it meaningful and practically applicable to you.

9. No Health Insurance or Coverage, No problem
Ask a Doctor is an initiative that is started by some socially concerned doctors to provide easy access to medical advice to the general public over the internet, particularly the ones lacking health insurance. In a time when health insurance is becoming a luxury, Ask a Doctor offers expert medical advice at a very nominal price.

10. Clearing Doubts about Your treatment
Asking doubts regarding your current medications and early detection of any side effects is possible by consulting our health experts.

11. Know more about drugs.
You can ask more about any drug that you are using or that which you have been prescribed just recently, to avoid any drug interactions or over dosage.

12. Your complete family doctor.
Ask Doctor is you family doctor who you can ask anything about not just your health but that of the whole family. You can always Ask a Doctor at our website anything regarding the health of your child or any family member.

13. New perspective on undiagnosed disease.
Sometimes a few illnesses remain undiagnosed or are wrongly diagnosed. The team at Ask a Doctor may help shed some new light and give advice for an early and proper diagnosis of your disease.

14. Most comprehensive and detailed answers.
The answers provided by Ask a Doctor are always detailed and tell all you need to know about your health condition.

15. Pay as per your requirement and affordability.
Though we at Ask a Doctor would want to send the answers to all the questions we receive at the earliest, due to the heavy volume of the questions that we receive daily, we have set up a three separate plans wherein you can receive your reply from our medical experts within a stipulated time depending upon your choice.

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