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Knuckles swollen and enlarged

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My knuckles have gotten bigger in the last month or 2 – I can’t get my rings on – it’s not fluid, the rest of my fingers are not swollen. Knuckles swollen and enlarged since last month and worrying me a lot.

It’s just the bone on the knuckle – they don’t hurt like it could be arthritis – I’ve lost 30 lbs. since the middle of Nov so I know my fingers aren’t swollen in fact the lower part of my finger is probably smaller -

What’s going on that would make just my knuckles swollen and enlarged ?

Symptoms of a Hypochondriac

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Please help me. I am about 2 weeks away from a doctor visit and I am freaking out…. Ive been diagnosed a hypochondriac in the past….

Scored a 60 out of 60, then I was having all the symptoms of a hypochondriac…. I am just terrified of having colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and anything terminal… I am so stressed…

My joints hurt my circulation is low and my left arm has felt cold and weird for the past 3 days. Duration: 5 weeks so far… Location: Upper abdomen, Upper left abdomen, Lower left abdomen and radiates to my kidney area.

Symptoms: Very mild pinching and discomfort, upset stomach, gas, pale stool, stress, rare loss of apetite. I have no vomiting, nausea, blood in stool or urine. I have no bruises or fever. I have no visible lumps or deformities

Medication: Nexium, tums

Beginning: The day after a night of heavy drinking and eating hot dogs and beef sandwiches and induced vomiting. Happened before about 5 years ago… lasted 3 months but I was more gassy.

Aren’t all these symptoms of a hypochondriac . If not what are the symptoms of a hypochondriac.


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Symptoms after sex

I thought I was pregnant. I have a history of test being wrong so i’ve taken numerous test (urin hpt and in dr office,blood,sonogram) and nothing.

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I feel like im going crazy. My complains stated with symptoms after sex, after the last time.

First ofcoarse no peroid and now 3mths later nausea,bloating,cramping and tiredness.

What else can be causing these symptoms after sex?


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Peeing blood after sex

My question is regarding peeing blood after sex. After I have had sex the last six times or so, the next morning I have been peeing dark red blood to start off the day and it gradually gets lighter?

I was not to worried the first few times, but now we are talking about 6 times, and the blood is very dark. I have never experienced anything like this.

It seems that there are so many possibities of what peeing blood after sex could be.

I was hoping somebody could help narrow it down for me. Thanks!!


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Trying to get Pregnant hard

Dear Ask The Doctor: I had surgery on a hiatal hernia about 3 years ago and have Crohns Disease. I am thinking about doing invitro fertilization as a result of unrelated issues regarding my husbands sperm. I am trying to get Pregnant hard .

My question is if you think that I will have a harder pregnancy than a woman without these problems. I did get the hernia fixed but I do feel pain there if pressure is put on it and I get a lot of gas pressure and pain that settles in there.

I also have very painful periods. When it is my time of the month I am usually very sick, sometimes even limited to laying in my bed as a result of Crohns flair-ups and gas buildup making me sick.

I want to continue with our plan of starting a family but I wanted a little information first. If I am that sick for the three days that I have my period, then how would I feel through 9 months?


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Recurrent ear infections

Hello. I went in for a CT scan of my face/sinuses yesterday. I have recurrent ear infections and recurrent sinus infections. The test came back fine except for showing that I have a lingering sinus infection and calcification around my eye bone.

The doctor did not elaborate on this, except to say that the xray tech suggested a test for diabetes. I had a physical in December and my blood sugar test came back fine and showed no diabetes.

The doctor did say that she would research this more. My question is what causes calcification of the eye bone?

CURRENT MEDICATIONS are Welchol, Propranolol, Zyrtec, Loestrin Fe, Protonix.

RELEVANT PAST MEDICAL HISTORY consists of Endometriosis, sinus infections, gallbladder removal, appendix removal, tonsil removal. Thank you for any help you can give especially with regards to my recurrent ear infections .


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My knee keeps giving out

My knee keeps giving out again and again. I fell off a 22inch curb landing on asphalt on my right knee in Sept 07. Was able to limp to the hospital before it got too stiff and swollen my whole knee was black and blue but there was more bruising on lower inside of my knee where I landed. The x-rays were clear except for a small bone cyst in my lower inside femur one or so inches above the knee.

MRI was Clear showing the bone cyst I was told that all my ligaments where all intact. However, my knee gives out when I try to take a full stride and I have to catch myself with my left leg.

So usually I shorten my stride taking tiny steps, my walking looks silly and slow. It gives out other times as well, running (I cannot take a full stride or I will fall), stairs/curbs (Up will sometimes give out as I am trying to push myself up. Down will cause me to go flying if I am not holding on to the rail.)

This gets worse the more I use my knee. If I work out for long periods my knee will refuse to lock at all no matter how much I shorten my stride. The pain is usually a dull ache and gets worse with more I use my knee. The pain is usually all over the top front of my knee sore everywhere but NOT in the back at all.

When my knee is jolted an gives out a sharp pain feels like someone jabbing me in the with Ice Pick starting at the top inside and going down into the inside middle.

My knee cap and the back of my knee do not hurt at all. When my knee gets really tired it swells a bit but not as bad as when I fell originally. Ice does help and I do ice my knee often. Driving also causes my knee to tire out the pain grows the longer I press the pedals.

I have been in PT and it has helped some but my knee keeps giving out. The doctors have told me to stop wearing my knee brace to strengthen it even more.

I can do squats but I have to concentrate and my knee shakes. My previous doctors are stumped. All they told me is they know something is wrong but they do not know what. SO my question is: What is wrong with my knee?


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I struggle to have bowel movements

I have struggling with my weight since i was 5 Im 36. In two years I have gained 43 lbs, Im depressed , I struggle to have bowel movements .
I have tried fiber and it helps some what , but I have to take a laxative atleast twice a month …Im very irritable and drained .
Im walking a mile a day and trying to control my emotinal eating .. Could I be sick??



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