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Orange oil in stool and urine

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Two days ago I noticed something in my urine. There was orange oil in urine. It looks like orange oil. Today in my bowel movement, there was orange oil in stool.

This is the best way that I can describe it. I say oil because oil doesn’t mix with water so you can distinctly see it “on” the water.

That is exaclty what I found in my urine and bowel movements. The only difference is that the stuff I found has an orangish color. The only medication I take is vitamin.

I take prenatal vitamins (although I am NOT pregnant) becuase I was told that they make your hair grow. About 2 months ago I cut out fried foods and sweets. Do you think this could have something to do with it?


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My hands and feet are always cold

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My hands and feet are always cold and for the last week, my hands are swollen.  Just taking Aleve nothing else. I have also hurt my back at work and it feel like at time, that I am laying on pins.

I went to one of the locate E.R. here in town and they did nothing to help.

What can I do about this matter to help correct the problem of my hands and feet which are always cold?

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Headache in pregnancy

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Hi, I was wondering if i can find out if there is something wrong with me. To start off my baby is due next month. Like two months ago i went to the ER 2 times because i had a serious headache in pregnancy.

This is not like any headach i have ever felt. I was even scared because I really felt like it was not normal. When I would stand up i would see everything get dark and when i was laying down i was afried to get up because i would hurt really bad or if i was to turn my head to the side.

But if i stayed still thatn i would be ok my head would hurt but not as bad. the pain was like on the side of my eyes on both sides. like between my ear and eye. In the ER they did a MRI but they said it looked ok. They gave me morphine for pain and it didnt even help my head 1%.

They also checked my spinal fluid perssure and the doctor said it was a little high. After a few hours of taking my spinal fluid my headach went down and later went away. I seen my midwife after wardsbut not any other doctors.

Since the two months ago I havent had a headach like that again but one day i did feel like it was coming back. my head started dto hurt in the same place as it did the last time.

And then my headache in pregnancy was just on my right side that was on the side between my eye and my ear and it went down the back of my ear in like a string. then sometimes on my left side of my head where i get the headache in pregnancy , a vein or something twiches every now and then.

I can feel it like where my hair line is by my ear. Also sometimes I see stars out of no where. I dont know if that has anything to do with it though the headache in pregnancy.

I was have low blood pressure like 100/56 most of then time i never notice it before. I was just wondering what this could be if this is a big deal or not or what i should do. I look on the internet for what could be going on but it is hard to find results.

Is it normal to have headaches during pregnancy ? What can i take for a headache during pregnancy ?


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Estrogen hormone that comes from the mother

Hello, Am a mother of two. My girl is born in 7th of April 2007 and my boy in 21st of May 2009.

They both came in a natural delivery. I want to ask about my girl. Before 5 days I noticed 1-2 drops of blood coming out of her vagina.

The doctor said that it is the Estrogen hormone that comes from the mother. So why this hormone appeared now (although she is nearly 3 years)? And does it have any effect on her in the future?

I also noticed just one hair under her left arm, in addition that sometimes she is trying to touch her breast. So how can I be sure that there is nothing to her brain or her ovary or any other future impact?

And what are the examinations that I have to do for her?

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I get periods every two weeks

I am currently on birth control and i get periods every two weeks for a while then my periods will go back to being once a month.

Sometimes the blood is really dark like its brownish black and that lasts for a couple of days and then turns dark red. and latley i have been having bad cramps.

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