Bloated Lower Stomach

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Hello, I am 34 years old (fitness instructor) I teach approx 20 classes a week, so very active. I have a five year old. I eat well, I may eat large portions of good food though. But i have bloated lower stomach I do have wine after dinner.

My question is I have continued to gain weight for the past 6 months and now I am up to 134. For someone who works out , eats, and lives like I do I should be quite lean. I am unhappy with my bloated lower stomach and weight and have tried cleanses etc. I get done to 120 and love the way I look, but can’t keep it.

That is living on water, fruits, and veggies. UGH! I have bloated lower stomach and I am gassy. I just wonder if maybe there is something else going on in there. What do you think?



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