Butterfly Rash Face

I have recently took on a job that requires me to be outside in the sun for 6-10 hours a day when i’m working. I could work a week straight then be off for 2 weeks. The first few days of working I started noticing butterfly rash face it didn’t hurt.

Then by the fourth day I started getting swelling in my feet and ankles that was so bad that i barely could walk. I am used to being on my feet for long hours from my previous job. I was going to the doctor for quite some time because of my fatigue and joint pain. I went through numerous tests only for my ANA to come back speckled at a ratio of 1:1100.

So my family doctor then sent me to a rhumatoglist. He did blood work (complement levels?) and a cretinine something. He told me everything came back fine and that there was nothing wrong with butterfly rash face

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Well I no longer have insurance and I feel like things are getting worse, is this something I should be concerned with with my swelling and butterfly rash face ?


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