Can you pop a Cyst

Hi, I have a cyst drainage that appeared out of nowhere for over a year now. My question to you is can you pop a cyst ? It’s located between my butt cheeks on the top, so it not noticeable until i open my cheeks.

I went to the emergency room last December, and the doctor squeezed it, and prescribed bactrin, she said it didn’t close cause I removed the cap allot. So i took the medication, and it looked like it was closing so i left it alone, but a couple of weeks later, it would appear open, and bleed, and pus would come out.

I don’t know what to do cause it doesn’t want to close. It keeps draining; it gets small sometimes, and then opens again. It looks like a small hole. What can i do to cure this? Can you pop a cyst ? Is this dangerous to pop or is it safe to pop? Please advice me – Can you pop a cyst ?

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