Do muscle relaxers get you high

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I am having Gird prolems/nuerological problems and depression. I was wondering whether a device that has been approved by the FDA made by Medtronic’s in Houston called a brain pacemaker which is implanted in the chest and has electrodes attached to the vegan nerve at the back of the neck would be helpful to both problems.

Can you please tell that Do muscle relaxers get you high comfort. I am living in pain everyday and have been to there several times with in conclusive reports cannot function normally.

My Current medications are nexiun, effexor, geodon, clonopin, lunestra, naproxen muscle relaxant, flexeril muscle relaxer, antineausea medications, muscle relaxer flexeril, hydrcodonn lipid.

Relevant Past Medical History consists of right and left inguinal hernia repair habitual hernia repair lap nissan maxofacail surgery white male about 245-50 lbs. With abdominal pain and swallowing. Do muscle relaxers get you high relieve?

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