EUS with FNA for Sigmoid Tumor

I have a tumor in the 4th layer of the sigmoid. I am told that it is the size of a cranberry.They mention that it is a GIST, with spiral cells. This tumor is in the curve of the sigmoid. I am told very hard to get a good biopsy because of the location.

It’s location is 15 cm from the anus.They couldn’t get enough of a biopsy the two times that they did EUS with FNA for Sigmoid Tumor that they couldn’t do the dye test to make certain.

When meeting with the surgeon, he said that it was elective surgrey. Which then I took as not really necessary. He mention that I would have to have a bag and go back after the first surgery to have it removed. Each time I would require a hospital stay of 7 to 10 days and recovery time any where from 6 to 8 weeks. He would also have to remove a section of the rectum, altogether about 12 inches would be removed.

I didn’t understand the amount that he would have to remove, plus most of the lymph nodes around the area.

I am a single income household and have no way to pay any  of my bills while I would be out of work.

So for now I have decided to wait 6 months and see if there have been any changes in it.Since these type of tumors tend to be slow growing.

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Since I have had the two EUS with FNA my stools are still not back to normal. They tend to be very loose and sometime I don’t know that they are moving until I run to the bathroom.

I use to have very hard stools and I didn’t move them too often.

The last EUS with FNA was on Feb.16,2011.

How much longer is going to take for my bowels to get back to normal and did I make the right choice in waiting and seeing what is going to happen.

I didn’t really care for the surgeon that I met. Maybe he was just to honest for me or just didn’t say what I was hoping for. Either way right now it is on hold.

Could someone with the degress talk to me about things, in a way that I can understand.Please let me know if there is anything that I should be watching for. Or where to go for a second referral.

Thank you

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