Extract hydrocodone from vicodin

My primary Doc. has been rx’ding me: Hydrocodone (10 mg) with (and) Acetaminopen (650 mg) included in the same pill. I have been taking this Rx for approx. 6 years. what do we mean by extract hydrocodone from vicodin ?

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These have been rx’d to me because of a serious shoulder injury & some damage done from a few car accidents, a 3 storey fall (I was a ironworker) US Army Paratrooper) & many physical demanding jobs for many years. Plus the normal wear & tear to the body for 67 yrs. My medical doctor also said that he knows how to extract hydrocodone from vicodin.

Anyway, I am looking for a substitute drug that is “at least” as strong” as the Hydro. but “without” the Acetamin.,aspirin, tyl.,etc,etc. due to the potential damage to liver stomach, after so many years of use. Plus I don’t believe the Hydro. is working as well as in the beginning. (Tolerance?)

I should also mention that I am dealing with the VA & they may not have the vast array of med’s available that a “regular Doctor” would have. Can you show me how can i extract hydrocodone from vicodin? THANK YOU ! for time/help/info, with this matter.

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