Feeling itchy and burning

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For about the past month I have been experiencing some weird, different sensations all over my body. First from what I can remember I started having dry skin (looked almost like it was peeling from drying) that was mainly on my shoulders, a bit on my face, and legs as well it was in other areas as well.

Second when I went to the store and my legs started burning. I was feeling itchy and burning so I got creams and they didn’t help. As time went on it seemed to get worse…

Headaches started coming, migraine like or sinus like. (So I thought maybe it’s allergies even though I didn’t think I had this so I took Benadryl… didn’t help) Then I started feeling like something was crawling all over me mostly on my legs and arms. It now is happening on my face, ears, seems like everywhere.

I am not saying that there is bugs I don’t know that it just feeling itchy and burning like something is in or on my skin, there is a pressure like feeling that makes me wants to press on it or itch it but of course that doesn’t help.

I also get this weird tingling sensation on my legs every once in a while. And a pinch like feeling every once in a while as well as I get cold, shaky every now and then at night. I seem to notice it more at night since that’s when I try to relax.

This might not be anything but I also have been noticing at times what looks like glittery specs on my skin and does come off and I haven’t been using anything glittery?? Showers, baths, creams, lotions nothing seems to help. It now has been about a month.

It is a very irritating issue and is just not to fun. I have not been stressed out or anything I might add. This stresses me out though since it is causing me to loose sleep because the feelings on/in my body are very strong. I did go to the ER 2 or so days ago to help with this.

They didn’t really do much but prescribe me a Scabies cream which hasn’t helped after using it. I have tried to do everything possible but I am thinking this may be more internal or something different than a bug??? I did bug bomb my house and I have washed everything before using it again.

So I am just needing some advice. I would like to add I have been taking Prilosec for some time about a year or more for acid maybe due to soda consumption (I have had E Coli before that is the main reason I started using this acid med)? I stopped taking it when all this happened to eliminate what this body/skin feeling is from. So I don’t know if this may be a fungal or parasite infection maybe?? just a thought.

I don’t want to guess what it may be since I don’t know but your thoughts are appreciated very much. I would also like to add for the most part I feel I am pretty healthy expect for feeling itchy and burning. I could eat a bit better (more fiber, etc.) but I don’t have many sicknesses.

I also would like to add I take my Suboxone as directed and I know this is not due to that since I take it right and I have been on it for some time and never experienced this. If there is anything that may help you better advise me please ask and I would be happy to answer. Thanks so much for your time and help.

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