Gen-clindamycin 300mg

About three weeks ago I had green and smelly vaginal discharge. After 3 days went to the ER and started gen-clindamycin 300mg one capsule twice a day.

After 5 days from using the antibiotic the discharge disappeared. The family doctor recommended again gen-clindamycin 300mg 2 capsules three times a day. At the time she didn’t know that the discharge went away. I didn’t start the second dose of this medicine right away as I thought the infection went away.

After four days I saw the light green discharge again but no smell this time. I started the antibiotic but 2 capsules twice a day not three times a day. After 4 days I switched to three times a day. Not sure what to do next. Should I finish all (42) capsules of gen-clindamycin 300mg even though I will go over the 7 day period since I decided not to take them three times a day initially?

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What if it still doesn’t go away? and what are the uses for clindamycin? I am also breastfeeding. Thank you in advance.

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