ICD 9 code for post herpetic neuralgia

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My dad is over 50 has had shingles for about a week now and has been taking the creams and medications that the doctor prescribed him with. His shingles is on the right side of his forehead and very close to his eyes.My Dad is asking me the icd 9 code for post herpetic neuralgia.

I’m worried because he’s been in lots of pain and I’m wondering. How long will the pain last, and what are the chances that he’ll have Postherpetic neuralgia. What can he do if he does have it?

What is the icd 9 code for post herpetic neuralgia. And I heard that you can have Post herpetic neuralgia for up to years in your life, and I don’t know how he’ll be able to handle it. Help me !

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