Left Hand Itching Means

My hands & fingers started itching around 2 yrs ago. What does left hand itching means ? It was only every once in a while but it keeps getting real often. I have tried and changed lotions, soaps, detergents many many times.

I have tried vaseline and lotions generously and wear moisture gloves at nite but still to no avail. I am already taking Vivelle-Dot 0.1 MG, Alendronate Sodium 70MG, all other vitamins only(Vit A, B1, C, Calcium+D(800), Chlorlest OFF, One-A-Day.

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My past history includes hysterectomy (20 yrs ago), eye stroke(optic nerve)-10 yrs ago, double hernia (32 yrs ago). I have gone to regular physician, aritritus dtr, and 2 different dermatologists and one gave me cream and the other pills to help sleep but still to no avail. What does Left hand itching means ?

Please tell what does teft hand itching means It is driving me crazy and I don’t know where to turn. PLEASE HELP – I am willing to try anything. Thanks for any advice.


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