Medical Term for Blood in Stool

Illness history; Past month; pain in my stomach and irregular bowel movements Past 2 weeks; continuous pain in my stomach, irregular bowel movements plus blood in stool, dizziness, severe leg cramps and a swelling behind one ear.

I would also know about medical term for blood in stool. I am only able to eat bland foods and I’m losing weight rapidly and have no energy. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy in 4 days, do you think it would be advisable to have this done or have an MRI instead.

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Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My past history consists of Tonsils removed Gall Bladder removed Donated a kidney Triple by-pass heart surgery Abdominal Anyurism Esophagitis.

What do you think this would be? Also what is the medical term for blood in stool? Thank you

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