Normal laboratory result range

Hello, I just got results for my recommended yearly blood tests from a checkup at a lab in my area. I want to know normal laboratory result range .

I have drank alcohol nightly for the last few years and wanted to check my overall health. All of my results were in normal range except for the ones listed below, I will also list normal results as well.

Although they are not too far off, I would some professional feedback. Also, is it ok to have a few that are not in normal range?Thank you!

BUN/creatitine 7 normal 8-27
Neutrophils 38 normal 40-74
Eos (absolute) 0.5 normal 0.0-0.4
Others (that were normal) FYI:
Glucose 87 normal 65-99
BUN 6 normal 5-26
Uric Acid 6.4 normal 2.4-8.2
Creatitine, serum 0.84 normal 0.76 – 1.27
Sodium 140 normal 135-145
Potassium 3.8 normal 3.5-5.2
Protein, total, serum 7.7 6.0 – 8.5
Albumin 4.9 normal 3.5-5.5
Globulin 2.8 normal 1.5-4.5
Bilirubin, total 0.4 normal 0.1 – 1.2
Bilirubin, direct .12 normal .0-.4
LDH 177 normal 100-250
AST 25 normal 0-40
ALT 23 normal 0-55
GGT 18 normal 0-65
Cholesterol, total 191 normal 100-199
Triglycerides 101 normal 0-149
WBC 7.7 normal 4.0-10.5
RBC 5.21 normal 4.1-5.6
MCV 95 normal 80-98
MCH 31.7 normal 27-34
MCHC 33.3 normal 32-36
RDW 13.3 normal 11.7-15.0
Hemoglobin 16.5 normal 12.5-17.0
Platelets 214 normal 140-415
Lymths 44 normal 14-46
Monocytes 10 normal 4-13
Eos 7 normal 0-7
Basos 1 normal 0-3
Neutrophils, absolute 2.9 normal 1.8-7.8
Lymths, absolute normal 3.4 0.7-4.5
Monocytes, absolute 0.8 normal 0.1-1.0
Baso, absolute 0.1 normal 0.0-0.2.

This was the result of my recommended yearly blood tests .Kindly advice on the significance of any change from the normal laboratory result range.
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