Normal percentage and reference range of Neutrophils and Granulocytes

Two years ago I had routine blood work done. Everything was in range. 5 months ago I had it again to check cholesterol and it was 218, LDL was 150.

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I changed my diet to try and lower and went back last week for blood work again and found many items out of range except now the cholesterol is down to 160 and LDL 90. GOOD!

Can you help with these issues. In 5 months, my URIC ACID went from 2.9 to 1.9 (now low), my LDH went from 164 to 111 (now low), my RBC went from 4.23 to 3.98 (now low), my WBC is 5.6 (in range), my MCV went from 96.7 to 98.1 (high now), MCH went from 32.9 to 33.6 (high now), this one CONCERNS ME, my Neutrophils went from 50.6% to 40.6% (low now).

Everything else is in range. Is this something serious? I have no insurance but will pay if this could be serious. The Neutrophils concerns me because

I read bad things on the internet about normal percentage and reference range of Neutrophils and Granulocytes. My Neutrophils (Absolute) was 2.3 which is in range so is it okay. I am 53 yrs old, 5′ 7″ weigh 130 and eat very nutritiously and take vitamins.

I have been very tired, but not sick. I have Excellent Health. Had blood work done 5 months by Covenant (a company that provides very low prices health screenings for people without insurance).

I have no insurance. Had bloodwork again to see if levels got better on cholesterol and found more items out of range.

What is the neutrophil reference range and normal percentage of neutrophils.



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