Stenotrophomonas Pneumonia

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Is Stenotrophomonas Pneumonia test necessary for me? Two days ago I started having pain in my right rib, only when i would yawn or take a deep breath. It gradually got worse and worse.

I woke up yesterday morning barely able to breathe without sharp stabbing pains in my side. I feel as if my lung can’t expand fully on that side. I went to the ER. They did chest x-rays, doctor said he could see something in my lung, thought it looked like pneumonia. He prescribed me Stenotrophomonas Pneumonia test.

He prescribed me antibiotics and pain meds. So far I still feel the same and I’m scared. I have had no colds for over a year. No cough, no congestion. How can I have pneomonia. Everything I read on pneumonia says fever, chills, body aches, cough.

I have none of these. How can i go for Stenotrophomonas Pneumonia diagnosis? What else could it be? Or is it really possible to have pneumonia with no other symptoms at all?

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