Thin Flakes from the Skin

I want to know about thin flakes from the skin coming out. I am actually asking for my son. He was a power lifter 3 yers ago, he is 6’0 he got up to 280. He lost the weight over a 3 year period, back down to 195, very lean and cut and healthy after the power lifting days, only a few stretch marks under his arms.

I am worried about shedding of thin flakes from the skin He began some heavy cardio last Jan and lost muscle and weight, so he wanted to gain some weight back, although he knows how to gain it back healthy, he took the unhealthy route, gained back 20 pounds eating junk food instead!

Now, the issue is he feels he changed his skin, he says he can pull at it and it should be thin skin not thick skin. He is experiencing thin flakes from the skin coming out.

I don’t understand what he is talking about. He says his skin will never thin out again and it will always be the thickness that it is or get thicker. he talks about skin radicals, etc…..and I am so lost. He said he can only tighten it up. He is obsessed with what he has done to his body.

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What information or facts can you send me to help him? He has a dermatology appt next week, I am not sure if that is the correct doctor to send him to. What is this thin flakes from the skin coming out?

What is the treatment for shedding of thin flakes from the skin ? Thank you for your input

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