Waking up a lot at night

Three months ago I had intense itching on my inner thighs and lower abdomen. I am waking up a lot at night. It then moved to under my breasts and aureolas. A few welts appeared on my inner thighs and have not gone away.

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I now itch all over my body. Nighttimes is the most intense. I often wake myself up scratching. I have random small bumps occurring all over my body. The bumps on my hands look like itty bitty blisters, not clustered. Those often pop up between my fingers. The bumps everywhere else pop up randomly and occasionally may be in a patch.

I feel as i am waking up a lot at night. It am unable to sleep at night as   got an itch for some hot scratch and pinching. I have no pain except I will randomly get a pinching sensation from a bump and it will prompt me to itch.

I have used medicated powder, medicated lotion, hydrocortisone cream, oatmeal soap, antibacterial soap, lubriderm, calamine lotion and acne treatment with sacylic acid. I have taken benadryl and cooler showers.

I can’t avoid sweating beacuse of where I live. I need to sleep and stop itching!! Help- what can this itching be which is waking up a lot at night.? What should i do so that i can stop waking up a lot at night?

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