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Agglutination of Red Blood Cells

Have high haemoglobin, hemocrit, low b12 and EPO. I I have high hemoglobin, hemocrit, high agglutination of red blood cells , low b12 and EPO. I have high hemoglobin, hemocrit, low b12 & EPO.

My diet is poor and I drink daily and smoke. No health ins. Went to a nutritionist and on a high daily vitamin, fish oil, b12, garlic and just started to take IP6 for the excess iron i have.

I have read the dehydration and poor diet can cause these reading. I am also taking levothyroxine .05mg, lisinopril 20/12mg, citslopram 20mg. Is this agglutination of red blood cells good for body? Please advise


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