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Anemia Fainting - Ask the Doctor

Anemia Fainting

Hello, I am a 33 year old female with Anemia Fainting. No medical problems in the past. Back in April, I got really sick, really suddenly (seemed like the flu.. nausea, anemia fainting, vomiting). It was accompanied by right upper abdominal pain under my ribs.

The illness lasted about a week, but the pain lasted about a month or 2. It was a dull ache. At that time, I had an ultrasound of the gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, liver and kidneys. All came back ok. I also had blood work to check the pancreas, a sedimentation rate, and h.Pylori checked. All ok.

The pain went away by June. All summer I was fine. Then, in mid August, I became suddenly severely constipated and had anemia fainting. I wasn’t able to go without a laxative for 2 weeks.

No blood, or odd colors. Had a rectal exam, and x-rays of abdomen and chest done. All ok. Constipation went away finally and I have been ok since then. My stools are now full and normal, but occasionally they are thinner (seems to be thinner after I drink alcohol) but still having anemia fainting.

In August, also had bloodwork to check white blood cells, sugar, and anemia. All ok. I have had the upper right side pain (dull and wraps around to my back) for the last couple months (Since Aug). Sometimes slight nausea.

There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to the pain with food. It just gets worse as the day goes on, and seems to be getting more consistent. It is not severe, just achy and annoying.

I am not sure what else to have checked, or what it could be. Could it be my gallbladder even though nothing showed up in the ultrasound? But still i experience anemia fainting. If it were something horrible, wouldn’t something have showed up somewhere in all of those tests and images?What would be the reason behind Anemia fainting?

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