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Aortic Regurgitation Sound - Ask the Doctor

Aortic Regurgitation Sound

Ok so last year I went to the doctor because I was having pain in my upper stomach and it was kind a acidic when i burp or after eating so she told me it was aortic regurgitation sound syndrome.

She gave me some med for it. At the beginning of this year i went back and she gave me more med but it wasn’t helping. Couple months ago before aortic regurgitation sound syndrome i went because i was having a very sharp pain in my upper stomach and lower chest that would go all the way to my upper back.

The pain was so bad! first i had like a pain attack for like 30 mins i couldn’t move i had to stay bending over my bed at an angle and steady and the pain went away. the second time it was so bad for couple of hours i went to the hospital ER but since it went away while i was waiting i just went back home and i went back to my dr.

She told me to go for a gallbladder ultrasound though i am suffering from aortic regurgitation soundsyndrome. i did it came out positive for gallstones but she did not tell me what i needed to do or any explanation on how to help ease the pain.

This week i been having this pain every day all day its getting so bad it gets hard to move around, eat and breathe. Is this really aortic regurgitation sound syndrome?

It sometimes feels like pressure in my lower chest upper stomach and the only thing that helps a little its when i lean over something to apply some pressure to it but its really really bad pain.

What can i do to cure aortic regurgitation sound ? Is this pain caused by gallstones? How can i get rid of aortic regurgitation sound problem?



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