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Blue Black Bruise

Sunday I hit my hand very hard on a table while working. Monday the pain became much worse, the swelling more noticeable and the larger blue black bruise (the bruise does not appear to be on the surface.

Also noticed was a lump on the top of my hand directly in front of the bone on the wrist on the line of the pinky. My doctor had me get X-rays and everything appeared fine.

Today the pain is more predominantly in the area of the pinky side of my wrist and hand instead of my entire arm being tender. I also have pain on blue black bruise also I have noticed that my hand is about 10 times colder than normal and my nails on that hand are a lot whiter than the other which i know is due to a lack of oxygen.

I am at a loss for what to do at this point, of what else it could be, what else I could do to stop blue black bruise , and how long i should wait to go back to the doctor.

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