Diagnosed with Anemia

I am a 27 year old male, 6’3, 150 pounds. I am diagnosed with anemia (hemoglobin 11.5) have hypogonadism (testosterone 127), an 8AM Cortisol of 12.2, FSH 2.06 LH 0.34, TSH of 1.8, prolactin 7.8, and Estradiol 20. I am bradycardic, and my heart-rate does not increase properly with exertion.

Between September of 2008 and January of 2009 I lost about 30 pounds through intentional reduction of my calorie intake.

But since January I have been maintaining the same weight, and have not lost any more weight. However, my anemia and abnormal hormone levels persist.

Is it possible that being underweight, even in a state of maintenance, could be causing this, or do you suspect some other problem as i was diagnosed with anemia ?

In people who are underweight but maintaining their weight, would cortisol levels be either raised or lowered? Could it be that since i was diagnosed with anemia although not losing weight, I do not weigh enough, or consume enough calories? I take multivitamins and iron daily, and nutrient deficiencies have been ruled out.


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