Effects of steroid use on the body

I would like to know the effects of steroid use on the body as I am a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, it began in my feet, ankles, knees, hands and wrists, which caused a great deal of pain as it did.

I am unable to find the detail information on effects of steroid use on the body .I now suffer pain in my elbows, muscles around my joints especially knees and ankles feels like they are on fire all the time.

My back also, is hurting a great deal, my shoulders get on off pain and stiffness too. My Dr has gone thru all the weak Opiates/ Opiods with me but did not warned me with effects of steroid use on the body

None of these worked. I am now on Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch 20mg per week 20mcg per hour release with Co-Dydramol 10/500mg 8 per day. My pain is still chronic and severe. My Dr has did not told me side effects of steroid use on the body and my mom today when she saw him, that I would just have to deal with the pain and exercise more even though I exercise twice daily but light exercise until my joints have had enough.

He has said there is nothing he can do for me so I will just have to take the Chronically Severe pain. Buprenorphine is the only strong Opiate he has tried me on, he once said he would give me Morphine tablets but has now back tracked on his idea. I am in the UK, I know from research that Buprenorphine stops the analgesic effects of other Opiates from being as affective.But wan to know effects of steroid use on the body

That there is also, other meds available in England that are NOT Morphine but have less side effects and/or slightly weaker like Palladone (Hydromorphone) and Oxycontin/Oxynorm. Hydrocodone although legal under British law no Dr seems to know about it and some suggest it is just DHC Dihydrocodeine, which I know it is not.

So Vicodin or Lortab are out of the question. But he seems not interested in helping me saying i am too young to become an addict due to some ill effects of steroid use on the body. Like any age is good to become an addict, but I also know if used correctly at low doses addiction is not a real problem and with effects of steroid use on the body.

Even the manufacturer leaflets on these drugs say it can be used by all people of any age just extra care is needed when under 18. I am 24 in 2 weeks BTW. Is my Dr right to say these things? Or is it he is not interested much in helping me? I even had to fight for Dr’s to recognize I had R.A because I broke the usual text book understandings of it just 2 appointments with a Rheumatologist said I had the disease a very aggressive Seronegative R.A and wanted to know effects of steroid use on the body

Even she told me not everyone plays by the rules with disease and most Dr’s are ignorant of the problem. My Rheumatologist also, wants me off the Steroids because they commonly cause Brittle Bone Disease (Osteoperosis) when used for long periods. Which I do as a blue steroid treatment card holder. But my Dr is refusing to wean me off the Steroids because the pain im in and due to bad effects of steroid use on the body

I use steroids and still get swelling nearly every day, only thing that helps my disease is illegal even Rheumatologist said it helps that is Cannabis it gets rid of my pain better then all pain meds so far and it gets rid of swelling and inflammation better than steroids.

My pain is so bad, I can’t get more than 3 hours sleep without waking up from the pain is this also the ill effects of steroid use on the body I have big black circled shadows around my eyes cos I cant sleep and the pain keeps me up. Half the time I cant walk or get ot of a chair without help or my Crutch. Plus I have a huge phobia of needles so cant use Anti TNF drugs, its even hard for me to get my bloods done every 3 months.

Are these the effects of steroid use on the body I also, use DMARDS – Sulfasalazine 500mg 4 times daily, Prednisolone Steroids 10mg once daily, High Strength Folic Acid and Vitamin D and Calcium pills daily. Plus 20mg Omeprazole daily to combat acid reflux from Steroids. Buprenorphine Transdermal Patch 20mg weekly 20mcg per hour.

Along with Co-Dydramol 10/500 8 times daily (Dihydrocodeine 10mg withylenol/ Paracetamol 500mg)for pain relief. Also can you tell me the effects of steroid use on the body ? I am finding difficulty in finding info on effects of steroid use on the body

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