Faint pink line on pregnancy test

Hello. What if i get faint pink line on pregnancy test ? My last period was on May 4-10. I had a normal period with a flow. I started bleeding again on the 20th, and did not stop until the 26. The bleeding was spotting.

I took a pregnancy test, and the first line became pink; then vanished. It looked like it was going to turn pink but it went back to white.

It was a faint pink line on pregnancy test Regardless, the result was negative. How accurate are these tests? Is it too early for me to detect pregnancy? I’ve had all of the pregnancy symptoms: nausea, dizziness when I stand up, hungry more than usual, trouble breathing on my belly while I sleep (my normal way) uncontrollable acne.

This is upsetting, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t drink or use alcohol, but I used to and am pretty sure I miscarried after 3 months. I had taken a pregnancy test and it also appeared faint pink line on pregnancy test then and it was negative too. I’m sure that it was a real pregnancy and not false b/c I had a large blood clot pass that was the size of an apple and also i a getting faint pink line on pregnancy test

It did not resemble a fetus, but I don’t know if I looked at it in that way either. What do you suggest that I do? I’m scared of faint pink line on pregnancy test happening again. I have just missed my period date, the 4th of this month.

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