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High level of HCG in blood - Ask the Doctor

High level of HCG in blood

Please help me figure this out about High level of HCG in blood. Here is my info.

My 1st day of my last period was June 13, 2011 and the only day I had sex that month was 6/28/2011.

So I am 7 weeks. I went for ultrasound on 8/1/11 and they said it looks to be 5 weeks which is impossible because I know for sure on my dates. So the doctor sent me for blood tests and my level came back at 3664.

The doctor told me that was low and that he is expecting me to miscarry. On 8/3/11 Went and had 2nd blood hcg test today and it is 4963.

Which is a 35.5% increase in 2 days. 8/1/11& it was 3664. Dr still telling me he thinks I will miscarry but told me to come in on Aug 11th for another sonogram…. Please tell me what u think please about high level of HCG in blood. I am so stressed out..

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