I had laser hair removal

A 28 year old male asks –

I had laser hair removal when flew to the Philippines from Canada from May 4 and came back on May 9th. On May 26th and May 28 I had rib chest pains on my right side.

I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism.

I worked out in the Philippines with both upper and lower body. My left buttock was sore during the flight.

Two days after I got back to Canada. I also had a shiatsu massage. I told my doctors about the flight. I didn’t mention that I had laser hair removal.

(Last one was done on December 2008(every treatment took place every 2 months). I had around 10 sessions of laser hair removal. I had it done on my armpits and groin area .

Since I had laser hair removal for the last time in dec 2008. And every session was only every 2 months. Could i have gotten blood clots in my lungs because of this? I had asthma as in childhood.

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