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I have severe headache - Ask the Doctor

I have severe headache

Welcome, I’m 19. Since January I was regularly ill (influenza).

I’ve treated with the antibiotics. A month ago by 2 day libations I felt terribly bad. I was very weakened. In 3 day at night I woke up with strange feeling like I’m dying during the dreaming. I quickly woke up.

I was so much frightened. From this time I have severe headache, now less in temporal surroundings. Now strange pain reached behind the nose. Also every day feels the pressure in the neck.

For a half year sometimes my right side of the rim hurts (in USG shown lymph nodes up to 8mm). I am weakened all the time. Have the giddiness, no power to do anything. I can’t concentrate on nothing. When I’m speaking I’m getting tired. My heart sometimes hurts me (tight chest on the left) but EKG was OK but still I have severe headache.

I am trying to run every day but while I am doing this my neck is pinching and heart beat so fast. The most troublesome complaints: pressure in the head (behind the nose?) and strange emotion in sexual organs (last time).

I have never feel like I feel now. Doctors in Poland said that Im OK (neurosis?) but my body said something different. There are my findings which I did so far: Morphology, Eye fundus – ok, enlarged Spleen – 11.6cm, submaxillary lymph nodes – 8x5mm, upper batches of the neck, singl, small, flat lymph nodes – length up to 6 mm, CRP – 0,4 mg/l ASO – 195 IU/ml Triglyceride – 145 mg/dL ALAT – 13 U/l ASPAT – 18 U/l OB – 2mm sodium, potassium, chlorides- OK suspicion of microlithiasis? Huge request. What it would be? How examinations I could do more? Thanks.

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