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ICD 9 code for Paralysis - Ask the Doctor

ICD 9 code for Paralysis

2 years back i have a minor paralyze attack distolic dysfunctions some left side doctor admit me and give me the course of alpha colin injections and physiotherapy. I want to know ICD 9 code for paralysis. I was fully recovered in 15 days.

I also have nose sneezing allergy. Neurologist recommended diovan 160mg and lipiget 20 mg daily, i was fully recovered and using this prescription since 2 years. These medicines were really expensive diovan especially.

My question is i am using this medicine for 2 years is it feasible to lower the dose of diovan to 80 mg daily and discontinue the lipiget as i am also very precautions. Give me some information about ICD 9 code for paralysis.

Please give me the answer as soon as possible. What is the ICD 9 code for paralysis? Thank you as I m unable to afford it much thank you please reply me to that mailing address.

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