ICD 9 Code For Slurred Speech

My mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia five years ago. Her health is worse every time I see her. I have asked her what she needs to do to get better or to relive symptoms and I have researched it myself. I would like to know icd 9 code for slurred speech from you.

She is not doing things for better health. Her doctor has instead prescribed many pills. I tried to find out all of the medication she is taking and while I was writing the list she told my step dad not to tell me anymore.

She was a vibrant woman and now she can’t form complete sentences, has slurred speech and can’t walk herself to the restroom. I am looking for icd 9 code for slurred speech

These are the pills I did find out she is taking. Can this combination of prescribed medicine making her sick and weak? She takes Cymbalta, Thyroid, Premerin, Amitza (2-3 per day), Diazepam ( she just cut back to 4 a day) and advil, Aleeve, or Tylenol.

She has also been prescribed lunesta which she only takes “sometimes”, and marijuana. My stepdad said she quit smoking marijuana last week and she stopped taking Reglan and Triazedone last week too.

There are more pills, but I don’t know what they are they. Is icd 9 code for slurred speech necessary to know. Is this a bad combination of medicine? Can it be the cause to her side effects?

Please let us know the icd 9 code for slurred speech ? Can you tell me the icd 9 code for slurred speech

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