ICD 9 code for Urinary Tract Infection

For about 1 year, I have had the feeling that I have a Urinary tract infection. I have a slight burning and a feeling that my vagina is falling out. I have had my urine tested for a UTI 3 times in the past year. I want to know about icd 9 code for urinary tract infection. I was diagnosed with a UTI last week and taking meds for this but not any better.

This past October, I had an exam by a gynecologist and then a test to see if I was leaking urine enough to have a sling on by bladder (surgery). The result was that I could have the surgery but he did not think that this feeling would be helped.

He did not see that my bladder was dropping. I am in misery most of the time. Also i want to know about urinary tract infections pathophysiology. Where do I get help? What is icd 9 code for urinary tract infection. Thank you.

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