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Index and Middle Finger - Ask the Doctor

Index and Middle Finger

Doctor, years ago I slammed my right index and middle finger in the door of a van, I went to the hospital and was treated. I ultimately lost half of my finger nail.

Over the many years I have noticed a growth under the flesh at the knuckle between the first and second bone segments of the finger. Recently it has begun hurting much of the time, an annoying pain, not bad, just annoying.

The growth is hard and on the outer side and back of the hand of the index and middle finger. Also, now and then it seems the knuckle “locks” briefly, the pain surges and I must bend my finger to release the joint and ease the pain.

I think, but I am no doctor, that I may have had a minor fracture as a result of the slamming incident of my index and middle finger that was undetected by the hospital at the time of the accident.

Now, the calcium has built up and is causing these symptoms. Please advice. I am scheduled to see a hand surgeon of my index and middle finger on Tuesday 11/10. Thank you.

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