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Lactating but not pregnant - Ask the Doctor

Lactating but not pregnant

I am a 39yo female who has been lactating but not pregnant since 14 months.   I have also gained about 40 lbs in the last 18 months.

I have had prolactin levels tested twice, thyroid checked, had a breast ultrasound and mammogram – all WNL.  I had a Vitamin D level of 14.2 and was prescribed Drisdol and Vitamin D which I took since September.  I just had my blood drawn for both Vitamin D and Calcium.

It has been suggested that I ask for a CT scan to check for a pituitary tumor even though my prolactin level is normal.   Other symptoms I’ve had:  weigh gain, loss of interest in sex, hair loss, heavy periods, heartburn in the last few months which is new for me.

Any suggestions?   I have an endo appt on 1/12.

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