Leg Swelling ICD 9 code

Last week my back was hurting quite bad. I went to a chiripractor , my neck was out of joint my arms felt better right away my lower to mid back pain was still there. I heard about some ICD 9 code, what is the leg swelling icd 9 code ?

Usually my back hurts in the morning and by going to work my back pain disappears. I can only sleep from 5-6 hours then i got to get out of bed due to pain. My knuckles on my right hand swell up from time to time. I was feeling real good on Saturday then I ate a bowl full of peanuts my knuckles on my right hand swelled up and my back pain came back right away.

How can i know about leg swelling icd 9 code .I sometimes wonder if my pain is coming from my back or someplace internally. Thank you for your time.

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