Losing Five Pounds

Shoulder muscles on both sides, but one more so than the other are painful first thing in the A.M. I am also losing five pounds .This becomes bearable after about an hour up and at ’em activity. But it begins a new with NO activity and in a resting state.

That amazes me in itself. I’m taking the 800mg Motrin, but I’m not sure if that is doing anything at all. I am a relatively healthy 72 year old male other than this painful start and ending to each day.

I cannot sleep on my side as I’m used too, and getting to sleep is a laborious task, because of the evening pain. TYIA, BTW, I don’t have another appt with my family doctor until Oct. and they can’t squeeze me in.

Earlier the doc asked me to lose weight so i am losing five pounds I keep asking for anything they have open and call twice a week to see about any cancellation, but so far, no luck. Is losing five pounds a good sign of weight loss? I’m on Medicare BTW.


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