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Lump Behind Jaw Under Ear - Ask the Doctor

Lump Behind Jaw Under Ear

Symptoms – lump behind jaw under ear on my left side. Very solid, about marble sized, and ball shaped. Not-movable, but sensitive to touch. This lump has been below my jaw for about 2 weeks.

Another Lump, on the end of my jaw, on my left side. Movable, smaller, and not as solid. This lump behind jaw under ear is for about a month. Another Lump, in front of my ear, same side.

This is the most solid lump, and my skin can move over and around it, it feels as if it is attached to the bone, not the skin above it. About 3 centimetres above even with my earlobe. I noticed this lump around 4 days ago.

I also have a very sore throat, and am getting sick, although I do not believe that this has to do with the lumps that I have.

Hopefully I will be going to the doctor soon to show my lump which is a lump behind jaw under ear but it seems that my mother isn’t going to make me an appointment, and as I’m still in high-school I don’t have the money to pay for a doctor’s visit. How can i cure this lump behind jaw under ear ?


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