Memory Loss ICD 9 Code

I want to know about memory loss icd 9 code I was out on Saturday night at a party in a small African rural town. I did not drink much. Many outsiders were there. I do not know what happened. I have huge gaps in my memory where I began violent. Also my friends say that my eyes were scary.

I couldn’t sit still and walked and walked. My husband tried to keep my inside the house, but apparently I ran out the backdoor. I was the horrible violent angry person.

I bit and screamed and scratched my friends but i did not remember due to loss of memory. Please tell me about memory loss icd 9 code I have so many cuts and bruises that I caused to myself that I can hardly move.

I went to my rural doctor yesterday and he thinks that I may have been drugged. The question is what do I do now? I am confused and embarrassed and hurt and just crying and crying. What is memory loss icd 9 code


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