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Metacarpophalangeal Dislocation - Ask the Doctor

Metacarpophalangeal Dislocation

Hello, three weeks ago i had metacarpophalangeal dislocation , i was told i needed surgery, but whilst i was in theatre they managed to pop it back in, so i did not have to have it pinned. they put buddy tape around it and sent me home, I’ve got to go back Monday next week to check all ok.

But I’ve noticed that the top of my big toe is numb and i get tingles at the back of my toe, these are not painful. is this normal, could it be due to poor circulation due to the buddy tape, or shall i seek treatment for metacarpophalangeal dislocation before i’m due to go back.

Also Please let me know what are the common symptoms of a dislocation or metacarpophalangeal dislocation symptoms ? Many thanks



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