Norvasc 15 mg

I have been diagnosed with arnold chairi syndrome, had spinal meningitis about 6 months ago and aseptic meningitis ever since. I’ve had MRI done and cat scans. I’ve had 5 spinal taps in less than 7 months.

I am taking ambient 10 mg 1 tab daily Zanaflex 4 mg 1 tab 3x daily Amitriptyline 25 mg 1x daily Norvasc 15 mg 1x daily Zoloft 100mg 1x daily diazepam 2mg 1x daily Toprol xl 50 mg 1x daily Topamax 100 mg 2x daily vitamin b-12 500ug 1x daily.

I have pain in my lower back, my neck and all over my head and have constantly for the past year. It’s at the point I can barely open my eyes and bend and stuff. Is the meningitis full blown like viral or bacterial again or is it something else?

If something else then what could it be? Shall i continue with Norvasc 15 mg?

What are the side effects of Norvasc 15 mg ?

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