One Testicle Hurts

First off, I’ve got varicose veins on my scrotum, i can’t recall the actual term for this, so my left testicle isn’t like my right testicle. My one testicle hurts over the past few months, i’ve randomly got a pain i would describe as a dull ache in my lower abdomen.

This hasn’t happened in quiet some time as my one testicle hurts .. Starting this past Sunday, my liver and kidney’s have started to bother me.. i’m just noticing them there.. a little bit uncomfortable, and my abdomen has been a little tender, I’m a carpenter, so i wear nail bags that weigh probably 20-30 lbs and the way my bags are set up all the weight is in the front wear my abdomen is, and it’s been uncomfortable.

Not for sure what is going on w/ my body, was looking for some answers..What is the reason behind this as one testicle hurts ? I’ve got a 3 yr old son, and don’t currently have medical insurance and am concerned. Please help.

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