Pathophysiology of Aneurysm

Hello. I’m here to ask a question that has been bugging me the past few days. It’s about brain aneurysms. It will be kind of you if you give me some information on pathophysiology of aneurysm My Grandfather had one when he was 55 years old.

He died because of it and his other health issues I’m sure. I’m VERY worried about my dad. He is 47(soon to be 48)and I was wondering the likely hood of it happening to him? He takes much better care of himself than my Grandfather.

My Dad keeps up with his blood pressure and stuff very good. Is it related to pathophysiology of aneurysm He goes to the doctor I’d say…Every few months…Maybe less. He drinks plenty of water and avoids drinks like Coke and Pepsi.

It’s not just him though…My Grandfather had 3 kids. So that would be my Dad and two Aunts I worry for. My Grandfather is the only one to ever have one in my family history as far as we know. I even asked my dad about his Grandpa. But he did not explain the pathophysiology of aneurysm Can you explain me about pathophysiology of aneurysm ? He said he never had a brain aneurysm… I dunno…I’m tired of worrying!

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