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Placed in a medically induced coma for 3 days

My brother suffered a fractured skull in two places due to a car accident over two years ago. Placed in a medically induced coma for 3 days to recover from swelling. Fully functioning and no long term effects from the injury except the chronic daily headaches.

Tried all types of drugs and treatment without relief. Anti-depressants, herbal meds, accupuncture, pain meds, plus much more. My brother suffers from Chronic Daily Headaches (not diagnosed) as a result of a brain injury over two years ago. He is fully recovered and functions normally.

He has undergone numerous tests and treatments without diagnosis or relief of the headaches. I have read that magnesium gluconate tablets along with calcium can relieve migraines. If his magnesium levels are normal what dosage would he take of both of these OTC drugs to possibly help him.

And how often would he take them? I have heard 1000mg 3 times daily but know that is a high level and not sure it is safe. Thank you for any info. you can provide.

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