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Prednisone Pinched Nerve - Ask the Doctor

Prednisone Pinched Nerve

I woke up in middle of the night 2 nights ago with numbness and tingling in left hand, last 2 fingers and part of palm. I think it is prednisone pinched nerve . The tips of those fingers are tingling and some pain in my arm and hand.

When I lean on that elbow I feel tingles and like electrical feeling go up my arm to the fingertips…very unpleasant. I have had this before but usually as soon as I move my arm and hand around it goes away.

I have hand numbness in that same hand but on the other fingers and the longest it has ever lasted was 20 minutes. It has been 2 days and prednisone pinched nerve has not yet gone away. I have tried rubbing, moving it around, on my other side but nothing so far.

My friends say probably it is prednisone pinched nerve but it is starting to really bother me and I am having trouble holding things with my hand today. What do you think could be wrong?

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