Pressure in the head

Welcome, I’m 19. Since January I was regularly ill (influenza). I’ve treated with the antibiotics. A month ago by 2 day libations I felt terribly bad.

I was very weakened. In 3 day at night I woke up with strange feeling like I’m dying during the dreaming. I quickly woke up. I was so much frightened.

From this time I have headache (now less) in temporal surroundings like pressure in the head. Now strange pain reached behind the nose. Also every day feels the pressure in the neck. For a half year sometimes my right side of the rim hurts (in USG shown lymph nodes up to 8mm).

I am weakened all the time. Have the giddiness, no power to do anything. I can’t concentrate on nothing. When I’m speaking I’m getting tired.

My heart sometimes hurts me (tight chest on the left) but EKG was OK. Im trying to run every day but while Im doing this my neck is pinching and heart beat so fast.

The most troublesome complaints: pressure in the head (behind the nose?) and strange emotion in sexual organs (last time). I have never feel like I feel now.

Doctors in Poland said that Im OK (neurosis?) but my body said something different. There are my findings which I did so far: Morphology, Eye fundus – ok, enlarged Spleen – 11.6cm, submaxillary lymph nodes – 8x5mm, upper batches of the neck, singl, small, flat lymph nodes – length up to 6 mm, CRP – 0,4 mg/l ASO – 195 IU/ml Triglyceride – 145 mg/dL ALAT – 13 U/l ASPAT – 18 U/l OB – 2mm sodium, potassium, chlorides- OK suspicion of microlithiasis? Huge request. What it would be? How examinations I could do more? Thanks.

What causes Pressure in the head ?

What is the Treatment of Pressure in the head ?

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