Right dose for vitamin D

What’s the right dose for vitamin D for me? I have tested my vitamin 25(OH)D2 and 25(OH)D3 level and it is 28 nmol/l and the normal range is written on the result paper to be 75-200 nmol/L,and 11 ug/L the normal range is 30-80. another test Vitamin 1,25(OH)2 D3 and the result 103 pmol/l with the normal range 43-148 Is my Vitamin D blood level too low?

My doctor has Prescribed for me 45,000 IU of vitamin d3 drops Vi-De 3 from Novaartis(Oral solution) once a week for 8 weeks. I just started last week. Is this enough for my case? What do you suggest regarding right dose for vitamin D?

I feel tired and dizzy all the time, pain in my muscles and bones, can’t sit or stand normally. By the way I’m 26 years old and weight 125 lb, is it ok to take the 45,000 twice per week for the first 4 weeks then decrease it to 45,000 IU’s per week after that? I’m a afraid to be toxic could anyone tell what is ok and what is not. I would like to know the right dose for vitamin D for me.

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