Severe rashes, bumps, and swelling

A 34 year old female asks –

I currently have a friend who has developed severe rashes, bumps, and swelling in certain parts of her body. Her rashes and swellings started in March of 2009.

Originally we tried to see if it was an allergic reaction of some sort, but it seems as if they are occurring during random time frames.

She develops rashes and bumps on her feet (all over), in between her legs, on the back of her neck, in between her fingers, on her hands and arms, on her legs, etc.

Bumps, when developed, can be relatively big depending on the location. *She has also had swelling on her face. Sometimes she will wake up with a swollen eye or swollen lip (one side only-Ex. right upper lip) the swelling is also random, not related to one side of the face.

*She has already visited a skin doctor, who stated that it might be “Dermatographism, but for me it seems like more because I don’t think this condition causes swelling in the face. She has always had sensitive skin, but none this severe.

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