Spots on Groin Area

2 weeks ago I noticed a rash in the creases of my groin on both sides. I also observed spots on groin area I treated it with tinactin and kept it dry with gold bond, with no success. I researched a bit more and found it may be a male yeast infection. I’ve been treating it with 3 day monistat.. and this is my third day.

It seems to have helped reduce Spots on Groin Area from what it was before, but the skin now is a pinkish white.. with spots of open/cracked skin. Itchiness is gone, and so is soreness however. Furthermore,

I’ve been concerned with more symptoms of the yeast infection like that of spots on groin area . I’ve take the “spit test”, the saliva was stringy and gathered at the bottom of the glass. I’m the first to admit i drink alot of beer, i would say a total of 8 to 10 40oz. thru the week, and usually party drinking on the weekends.

My diet is crap, fast food.. cookout food (steaks, burgers) lots of carbohydrates. I’m worried that i may have a internal yeast infection as i read more about it. I have chronic bad breath, my guts always feel bloated, i get dizzy spells, and feel fatigue and just plain out of it. I am willing to change my diet and drinking for sure to avoid spots on groin area ,

I want to be healthy and want to get rid of spots on groin area . Any help, or answers are greatly appreciated as i have no insurance, and no family physician. Thanks


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