Taken Biaxin with Zithromax antibiotics together

I have taken Biaxin with Zithromax antibiotics together by mistake. I was diagnosed for a sinus infection and next day took 500mg of Biaxin.

I also found out that I may have been exposed to an STD so I ordered preventative antibiotics from an online pharmacy (Cipro XR- took 500mg for 3 days and Zithromax (1000mg day 1 same day as Biaxin, 1000mg day 2, 500mg day 3…I think this is too much also).

After I took the first 500mg of Biaxin I read that it shouldn’t be mixed with Zithromax and I assume it is because they are in the same family. Based on the above am I in any danger of overdose or adverse reactions.

I may be being paranoid as all of these circumstances hit me at once. It has been 3 days since my last dose.

The only issues I have had are skin tingling all over off and on, hands burning sensation.

Finally, would this have impeded the std therapy in any way?


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