Thrush in the Vagina

About 7 weeks ago i developed Cystitis, I took to courses of the stuff you can buy over the counter but that did not work, I then went to my doctor who tested my urine and prescribed me some anti-biotics, he also sent my urine off to a lab, after taking the anti-biotics there was no change so i went back to the doctor.

He then prescribed me a weeks course of anti-biotics recommended by the lab. after taking these i then developed thrush in the vagina and BV, i have got rid of both the thrush in the vagina and BV.

I have had a Urine infection for about 7 weeks have taken 2 different types of anti-biotics prescribed by my doctor, none of them have clear up the infection completely and since Saturday i have been getting pains in my lower back on each side though i am free from thrush in the vagina these days.

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